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Frequently Asked Questions
Ans. For new washers and dryers, the average Washing Machine Repair Hyderabad costs Rs 199, which includes a basic inspection and generic repairs such as power issues. Detailed service prices, on the other hand, range from Rs499 to Rs1999, depending on the severity of the issues and the age of the washing machine.
Ans. If there is a leak in the tub, an issue with electric shock passing through, or the motor is too noisy, it is best to replace the washing machine until it is no longer covered by a guarantee or a warranty card.
Ans. Any additional or spare parts can be procured by the technician or in some cases the client themselves depending on the part and convenience. However, the cost of the spare part will be added to the service cost of the Washing Machine Repair Hyderabad.
Ans. Yes, with it is completely safe to book washing machine service online, as we have professional technicians who are certified with the government-standardized verification process.

Professional Washing Machine Repair service in Hyderabad at your doorstep

Rightcliq is the one-stop solution for all Hyderabad's washing machine repair needs. Hyderabad is known for its water scarcity, additionally, the hardness of water causes depositions in the pipes and reduces the flow of water in the inlet pipe. Rightcliq is the right washing machine service center for everyone in Hyderabad who faces constant problems with washing machines. 

Your search for the best washing machine service near you ends with Rightcliq!

We offer comprehensive end-to-end services for all brands of washing machines from LG to Baosch, from IFB to Haier, and from Samsung to Whirlpool. Our washing machine technicians are well-equipped to handle top-load and front-load washing machines with equal ease and expertise.

We have a pan Hyderabad presence in all areas of Hyderabad-South, Central, North, West Hyderabad, and Secunderabad. The reviews for our washing machine services have been self-explanatory and our customer service has always garnered excellent ratings from our customers.

Washing Machine Repair Services in Hyderabad

We believe in delivering quality in service and accessories. Our team is trained to handle: dryer repair, washer repair, washing machine fittings, washing machine installation services, services for semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machines, shifting of washing machines, deep cleaning of washing machines, fixing washing machines, and more in Hyderabad.


For Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines face constant wear and tear and after years of use or improper use, the washing machine may not turn on. This might be due to the overloading of the washing machine or due to some problems with the motor of the washing machine. Schedule repair services for all these problems right away in such conditions to avoid irreparable damage or further complications.

For The Washing Machine Display Not working Correctly

If you overload the washing machine or don’t use it as per instruction the display of the washing machine might show some errors and may shut off temporarily. Sometimes the display of the washing machine may get damaged. In all these cases we provide services to correctly find the right issue and rectify it promptly.

For the Water Drain Issue

Hyderabad's hard water may bring constant problems of choking and saline deposition, limiting the flow of water.  Sometimes the clogged drains can cause spillage of water on the floor. Rightcliq can help you solve these issues by clearing the clogged drain in minutes. 

For Fixing a Washing Machine That Won't Start

Sometimes your washing machine might not start even after repeated attempts there might be an issue with the washing machine not receiving any power. We have helped multiple customers solve these complex washing machine repair problems for our customers in Hyderabad, making us the washing machine service center of choice in Hyderabad.

For Installation of Washing Machine

Many washing machine brands usually end their services at delivery. We help you install washing machines with the right length of pipes, accessories, and precautions. Sometimes rats, insects, or dust may enter the outlet pipe and destroy it if the installation of the pipe is not done with the right fittings. We provide a fully functional and seamless washing machine installation experience to our customers in Hyderabad.

Washing Machine Maintenance Services

Maintenance of your washing machine is a crucial factor that can improve the longevity of your washing machine. With our services, you ensure that your washing machine keeps going strong and in excellent condition for years to come. Stop spending on unwanted expenses by scheduling regular half-yearly or yearly maintenance from Rightcliq. If you have been searching for appliance repair nearby in Hyderabad for a long, rest assured that you have arrived at the right place. If you haven’t done popper maintenance activities in years, we can do that for you! We offer comprehensive deep-cleaning, making your old washing machine function as good as new!

Rightcliq caters to all your local appliance repair needs in Hyderabad. Besides being known as the top washing machine repair service provider in Hyderabad, we have also made our name the most trustworthy name, providing repair and maintenance services for all household appliances in Hyderabad.

Our Team is also an Expert in All home appliance repair and service including Chimney cleaning and Repair Hyderabad, AC Repair, Microwave Repair, Washing machine repair, etc. Our Team is an expert in the repair and service of all household appliances including Refrigerator Repair in Hyderabad, AC Repair in Hyderabad, and Microwave Repair in Hyderabad. We offer our customers the best services at the best price for all their repair needs. 

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